Meet The Staff

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about us.  We have a lot of different personalities here at On-Site and you get to learn a little about us as a company.  

Jared - Owner

In 1991, Jared’s father began the production-only business based in Atlanta.  In 2006, Jared began working as the Production Manager; and in 2009, he took over the business. He eventually turned the business into an all entertainment company, focusing on weddings in Birmingham.  As he has grown the business, one thing has always remained the same: the personal service to each event you will receive. Jared has hundreds of weddings under his belt, and will make sure your event is done the way you envisioned it to be!

Ryan - Marketing/Sales

With his passion for music, sales, and marketing, Ryan brings many years of experience to On-Site Productions.  Ryan knows the in's and out's of weddings and will be sure your event is one for the books.  Entering the business as wedding DJ, Ryan has learned what works and what doesn't.  Ryan will be sure to listen and accodomate to all your needs. When Ryan is not at work, he's out seeing the world.

Joseph - Production Manager

Whether you want a chandelier hung in a middle of field from a tree or draping to completely change the look and feel of your venue, Joseph can do it.  His experience with production gives him that "eye" to make things happen. He bring's each couple's imagination to life with his knowledge and expertise.  When Joseph is not working, he enjoys exploring nature and hiking in the mountains.